CPD for C.H.U. (Center Hospitalier Universitaire) Saint-Pierre de Reunion Island, in which LOGIC-2 racks were used, our wide range of installation equipment for data centers, distribution systems and power management special customer PDUs and control systems of monitored access from external control room.

It includes enclosures for a correct management of the cooling energy of the cold aisles, with its elements that can be connected to the IP system by means of dry contacts.
Access control and management system integrated into the entrance doors, with:
Stand-Alone operation.
Identification of users by PIN, RFID and BIOMETRY.
Web application on the device itself.
Direct data export from the same device.
Integrable with other subsystems of the CCAA, Intrusion, CCTV organization. The same device for Access Control and attendance control with introduction of the reasons for opening.
Opening doors and monitoring their status through the input and output expansions (SecureIO_2).
Robust and reliable devices.