Retex offers solutions to your IT infrastructure needs with specific features designed for each type of use and performance.
Our wide range of products ranges from wall racks for small installations to floor cabinets of different sizes and qualities for wiring and installation, accessories and enclosures for corridors for Data Centers.


Our wide range of cabinets revolutionized the market for installation of equipment and cabling in data centers designed for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Wall Racks

Large variety of murals designed to offer all kinds of solutions, created with different materials for network installations, telecommunications and electronic equipment.


Accessory families for both floor and wall racks classified by groups designed to cover any need in your data center.

Data center

The DATALOGIC solution is a high value added concept developed by RETEX that improves the efficiency and performance of refrigeration systems, greater energy efficiency and a significant reduction in operating costs.

Our product families