Families of accessories for floor racks such as wall cabinets classified by groups according to the needs presented by your data center.

Racks trays

We put at your disposal a wide range of trays created to offer optimal solutions in all types of racks and needs

Enclosure guides

Solutions to properly place cabling in all types of data center cabinets for network, telecommunications and electronic equipment installations.

Legs and wheels

From swivel wheels, wheeled legs or articulated feet, in Retex we put at your fingertips different options to fix or give mobility your rack.

Racking panels

All kinds of panels designed to cover all the needs of your wardrobe, from passing cables, adding tickets or covering spaces to close the rack.

Fan units

Our ventilation units for professional modular cabinets for industrial, electronic and telecommunications sectors.


Plinth made of steel with a thickness of 2mm and a height of 100 mm, to facilitate attachment to the floor or mounting of legs and wheels.

Screws for cabinet installations in data center

All the specific screws for the optimal assembly of floor cabinets and wall racks for network installations, telecommunications and electronic equipment..

Miscellaneous accessories

All kinds of accessories for racks, designed to get extra performance and efficiency in rack cabinets from ventilation equipment to corners.

All our infrastructure for data centers