Digital thermostat

Standard panel mounting 19″ 1U. Temperature scale: -50 to 130ºC. Power supply 230V / 50Hz (120V/60hz. On request). Alarm indicator, EC type-approval.

Soporte fijación PDU

Permite el montaje vertical de PDU’s (RX, iRX) y otros equipos en la parte posterior del rack. 2 profundidades estándar 60 y 120 mm. Alturas 42U y 47U.

Paint rack

Spray of liquid paint, black color RAL9005. Ideal for repairs of small damages or scratches made during installation.

Profiles 19″ EASYRACK / Q-RACK

Profiles made of steel 1.5 mm thick.

Microrruptor door

Micro gate switch for LOGIC². Easy mounting on rack structure. Cable not included.

Framework RJ45

Made of PA (self-extinguishing UL 94 V0). Allows mounting on the patchpanel connectors RJ45 Keystone/Systimax.

LED magnetic lamp

Compact lamp with magnetic fixation (20 Kp) or DIN rails. Integrated switch and connection base. Low consumption lamp with a power of 5 W incandescent.

LED lamp 19″

Made of high strength plastic. 220/230V, 50/60Hz. Maximum power 5W. Brightness 400 Lm at 120º. Switch and two quick connectors with safety clip.

mass collector

It allows to centralize the different mass conduits in a single point for its subsequent derivation to earth.


Spare parts for a complete lock.

mechanical locks

Rotating handle: standard on LOGIC² and RETO front doors. Swivel handle with lock European profile: on request

Electronic locks

Electronic lock with key and electronic keyboard or RFID card reader.

Rail DIN 19″ 1U

Allows the anchoring of components with standard DIN fixation. Standard width 19″ Made of steel, thickness: 1.5 mm.


They allow customization, adaptation to corporate image, identification and separation of the functions of each rack or group of racks.

Our entire family of murals for data centers