The “flat-pack” system, the LOGIC system.

  • Practical and logical, this is how Retex defined and created the new generation of racks that, in the year 2000, revolutionized the market and broke with the established classical schemes.
  • Convenient to transport and store, easy and quick to assemble, were features, so far, unthinkable for a rack.
  • The flat pack system, patented by Retex, is capable of reducing up to 75% the volume of a conventional rack, proportionally reducing transport and storage costs.
  • This new concept, together with the practicality of the final assembly, makes it possible to assemble any LOGIC in just five minutes without tools.
  • Thanks to its excellent quality, versatility and innumerable advantages, the LOGIC system is used in the most varied environments and types of installation in the industrial sectors, telecommunications/IT, railway sector, military, Datacenters of last generation, audiovisual, etc…
  • Our concerns and the constant monitoring of the evolution of the market, allow us to present the second generation, LOGIC² that maintains the original concept increasing the benefits and advantages of the system.