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Hand-held enclosures

Plastic Box

A range of six control box sizes for multiple manual command applications requiring a high-capacity enclosure.

  • New configuration of the control box for high mechanical demands, with protective edges with a high grip index (grip). Assembly by simple pressure of the corners or combined by cantons and screws (optional).
  • New aesthetic line with shapes oriented to optimized ergonomics, which allows correct manual use.
  • Various possibilities of membrane keyboard mounting. Recessed areas in lid, base and front/back panels for fixing.
  • Made of high quality ABS injection, with medium thickness walls up to 3 mm.
  • Easy mounting of lid, base and front/rear panels by pressure. Mounting of battery carrier plate by screws.
  • Turrets in base and lid that allow fixing plates with self-tapping screws.
  • Possibility of joint assembly in EPDM, for sealing IP 65.
  • It resists temperatures up to 85ºC.

Materials and finishing:

  • Cover, base and battery carrier panels made of high strength injected ABS, fixing brackets in polypropylene coated with high grip TPE.
  • Standard configuration: Light grey box similar to RAL 7035 (ABS) and grey trimmingRAL 7001 (TPE).

Each unit includes: lid, base and corner pieces. In the high sizes it includes a battery carrier and screws.

Standard color options:

  • Case: RAL7035 light grey or RAL9004 black
  • Cantons: RAL5007 Blue, RAL6026 Green, RAL3020 Red, RAL2003 Orange, RAL9004 Black, RAL1021 Yellow, RAL 7001 Grey.


  • Sealing seal EPDM.


  • Special machinations.
  • Screen printing.
  • Internal paint for EMI / RFI radio frequency shielding, with graphite-based paint, copper or nickel depending on the level of protection required.
  • ABS flame retardant, according to grade UL 94 V0.
  • Other colors.


CodeA / mmB / mmC / mmColour
331333011459525Black / Negro RAL 9004
331333021459535Black / Negro RAL 9004
3313330318511025Black / Negro RAL 9004
3313330418511035Black / Negro RAL 9004
3313330520012030Black / Negro RAL 9004
3313330620012035Black / Negro RAL 9004
331333111459525Grey / Gris RAL 7035
331333121459535Grey / Gris RAL 7035
3313331318511025Grey / Gris RAL 7035
3313331418511035Grey / Gris RAL 7035
3313331520012025Grey / Gris RAL 7035


CodeEnclosure height mm / Altura caja mmColour
3313322525Blue / Azul RAL 5007
3313332525Green / Verde RAL 6026
3313342525Red / Rojo RAL 3020
3313352525Orange / Naranja RAL 2003
3313362525Black / Negro RAL 9004
3313372525Yellow / Amarillo RAL 1021
3313382525Grey / Gris RAL 7035
3313323535Blue / Azul RAL 5007
3313333535Green / Verde RAL 6026
3313343535Red / Rojo RAL 3020
3313353535Orange / Naranja RAL 2003
3313363535Black / Negro RAL 9004
3313373535Yellow / Amarillo RAL 1021
3313383535Grey / Gris RAL 7035

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