Cooling System


The CoolTeg Plus DF rack-mount cooling unit combines the advantages of CW and XC systems – Free-Cooling for low and moderate outdoor temperatures, and compressor cooling for high outdoor temperatures. This system achieves minimum operating costs without compromise.


  • Free-Cooling for the majority of the year – the unit has the most efficient heat exchanger in its category.
  • The intelligent control system utilizes Free-Cooling to pre-cool the air even at high outdoor temperatures, resulting in minimal electricity consumption.
  • Cost savings in operating expenses allow for a quick return on investment compared to DX or XC systems.
  • By using water as the primary heat carrier, residual heat can be further utilized for heating or other purposes, reducing costs.
  • The water circuit and compressor circuit can be connected to two different water sources, ensuring full unit redundancy.


  • 2-in-1 – a small and efficient cooling unit that intelligently combines water cooling and compression.
  • Electronic expansion valve – maximum cooling efficiency in all conditions.
  • Inverter-driven compressor – minimal energy consumption for all cooling capacities.
  • EC technology fans enable efficient and smooth airflow control.
  • The intelligent control system ensures precise air parameter control and minimal energy consumption. It also provides immediate alerts for any issues.
  • Operating range from -40 to +40 °C (the upper temperature limit depends on the size of the external heat exchanger). Accessories can be ordered to enable operation even at -55 °C.
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant R410A.

Compared to compression unit
Plus DF can save up to
20 MWh per year.

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