iRX-MO offers both a clear local LCD display and IP monitoring of the total overall power, power at each individual outlet and cabinet environmental conditions. By monitoring each single outlet and the overall power it gives a full view of power use in your cabinet.

  • Local LCD display/True RMS.
  • IP monitoring of the total overall power: Amps-Volts-Watts-Kw/h-Power Factor.
  • IP monitoring power at each individual outlet:Amps-Volts-Watts-Kw/h-Power Factor.
  • Cabinet environmental conditions: Temperature and Humidity.

lts intuitive interface allows you to view Amps,Volts,Watts,Power Factor,kWh,
Temperature and Humidity levels via any web browser, and receiving alarms and alerts via SNMP or email when conditions exceed their defined thresholds.

CodeTypeFormatAmpsVoltsPhaseBase • Socket • PriseEnvir. portCableInput plug
24159302Monitored Toma/ Oulet/Prise19” 2U16A220V112C13 + 4 C19*3 metesx1,5IEC60309 16A
24159303Monitored Toma/ Oulet/PriseZeroU16A220V120C13 + 4 C19*3 metesx1,5IEC60309 16A
24159304Monitored Toma/ Oulet/PriseZeroU16A220V136C13 + 6 C19*3 metesx1,5IEC60309 16A
24159306Monitored Toma/ Oulet/PriseZeroU16A380V321C13 + 3C19*3 metesx4IEC60309 16A
24159307Monitored Toma/ Oulet/PriseZeroU16A380V336C13 + 6C19*3 metesx4IEC60309 16A
24159310Monitored Toma/ Oulet/Prise19” 2U16A220V112 Schuko*3 metesx1,5IEC60309 16A
24159312Monitored Toma/ Oulet/PriseZeroU16A220V120 Schuko*3 metesx1,5IEC60309 16A
24159316Monitored Toma/ Oulet/PriseZeroU16A220V120 UTE*3 metesx1,5IEC60309 16A
24159318Monitored Toma/ Oulet/PriseZeroU16A220V120 BS/UK*3 metesx1,5IEC60309 16A
24159321Monitored Toma/ Oulet/Prise19” 2U32A220V112C13 + 4 C19*3 metesx4IEC60309 16A
24159323Monitored Toma/ Oulet/PriseZeroU32A220V120C13 + 4 C19*3 metesx4IEC60309 16A
24159325Monitored Toma/ Oulet/PriseZeroU32A220V136C13 + 6 C19*3 metesx4IEC60309 16A
24159327Monitored Toma/ Oulet/PriseZeroU32A380V321C13 + 3C19*3 metesx4IEC60309 16A
24159328Monitored Toma/ Oulet/PriseZeroU32A380V336C13 + 6C19*3 metesx4IEC60309 16A
24159329Monitored Toma/ Oulet/Prise19” 2U32A220V112 Schuko*3 metesx4IEC60309 16A
24159331Monitored Toma/ Oulet/PriseZeroU32A220V120 Schuko*3 metesx4IEC60309 16A
24159332Monitored Toma/ Oulet/PriseZeroU32A220V120 UTE*3 metesx4IEC60309 16A
24159333Monitored Toma/ Oulet/PriseZeroU32A220V120 BS/UK*3 metesx4IEC60309 16A
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