PDU RX Shucko CEE7/4 DIN49441 16A


The RX Basic PDUs provides a simple solution where reliable power distribution for equipment racks and other data center applications is required.
RX PDUs provide both power distribution and branch circuit protection.
Homologations: CE/VDE

The RX Metered PDU’s with local input current monitoring, which allows network engineers to utilize the PDU’s True RMS Power Monitor Dislplay to precisely measure the current (in Amps) that network devices are drawing on the power circuit. As new servers and devices are added to the power drop, the impact on the cumulative current draw can be observed immediately. This allows the engineer to safely load each circuit to its maximum allowable load capacity without the danger of overloading the power circuit.

RX standard options:

  • 16A to 63A rating for a single phase and three phase.
  • Basic and Metered.
  • 19” or ZeroU.
  • Wide range of sockets options: IEC320 (C13 and C19). Schuko/ CEE7/4, UTE/CEE7/5, UK/BS1363, K/HH (DK), IT(DK) AS/NZS3112 and NEMA.
  • IEC-LOCK for IEC320 (C13 and C19) on request.
  • Other colours available on request.

Rack Mountable:

includes 19”/horizontal, vertical and tool-less mount options.

Branch Circuit Protection:

  • All PDUs meets the required branch circuit protection when power is upto16A.
  • Other protections like individually fused outlets are available upon demand.
CodeFormatVoltsAmpsBase • Socket • PriseMeteredIndicators & ProtectionCableConnector
2415530819” 1U/HE220V16A8 SchukosON/OFF light switch2 meters x 1,5Schuko
2415530919” 1U/HE220V16A9 Schukos2 meters x 1,5Schuko
2415531819” 1U/HE220V16A8 SchukosLed2 meters x 1,5Schuko