Compact Data Center

The Modular Closed Loop (MCL) is a compact unit, completely isolated from the environment. It consists of Premium Server Racks and CoolTeg Plus In-Row Cooling Units. The front and rear doors of the racks are glass or all-metal and create an enclosed space for air circulation between the servers and the cooling unit.

  • The MCL is fully compatible with CoolTeg Plus CW (water), DX (direct expansion) and XC (direct expansion with integrated compressor) refrigeration units.
  • Any number of racks and cooling units can be combined into a single module. We will design a solution to ensure maximum space capacity based on your requirements along with your desired cooling performance.
  • The MCL system is compatible with a number of security features such as RAMOS access control and monitoring system, EOS emergency opening system, LES-RACK extinguishing system and more.

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