• Quick and easy assembly without screws or tools, thanks to four side lockings.
  • Door with integrated hinge that allows the reversibility of the direction of rotation of the door, during the assembly, without the need of tools.
  • Transparent window, bronze color, for equipment supervision. Security lock with key.
  • Upper/lower bodies and side covers in ABS thermoplastic anticalórico.
  • Standard ventilation in the upper/lower bodies allows optimal air circulation (total ventilated area = 90 cm2).
  • Pre-drilled and practicable rear vents, which allow easy management of the wiring.
  • Interior profiles displaceable in depth.
  • Back cover with wall anchors.
  • Electronic support tray with fixing without screws, adjustable in height.
  • Patch-panel with quick mounting.
  • New design of connector anchoring frames allows compatibility of Keystone and Systimax connector mounting.
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