Multipurpose box, with a basic design and extraordinary robustness.

Enclosures with ventilation that allow perfect heat evacuation. Made of 1 mm embossed epoxy painted steel sheet. 1070 aluminum panels, 2 mm thick, silver anodized.
Non-slip feet on the three lower models. Folding front legs that provide the optimal inclination for a good view of the controls, in larger models.
Handles in RAL 9005 thermoplastic in the three largest models.
Zinc-plated steel joists to facilitate the assembly of plates with maximum use of the interior space.

31080011SOLBOX Nº1115070110
31080012SOLBOX Nº1220080140
31080013SOLBOX Nº13250100160
31080014SOLBOX Nº14300120190
31080015SOLBOX Nº15350220130
31080016SOLBOX Nº16400250140

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