Boxs made with high quality ABS plastic material designed for the installation of electronic and telecommunications equipment in cabinets and containers as well as for multiple indoor or outdoor control applications.

70 series

Complete range of boxes for electronic assemblies with attractive design and high performance that allow industrial, electronic and office automation concepts to be combined.

Series 101

Box for standard applications with lid in light gray or black ABS plastic. Indicated for placing membrane keyboards up to 1.2 mm.

Series 102

Box for applications where a transparent lid is required, for example equipment with LCDs or counters that require visual inspection. Also indicated for placing membrane keyboards up to 1.2 mm.

Series 103

Box for applications where an aluminum cover is required, which allows custom machining by the client using CNC machines. It also allows for a painted or anodized finish in black and subsequent screen printing.

Series 21 and Series 22

Box for multiple pocket-type manual portable control applications, activated by RF.

Series 31

Range of small capacity 'hand-held' boxes for 'pocket' type uses, in which a small, robust box with protection up to IP 65 is required.

Series 32

Range of four sizes of control boxes for multiple medium-sized manual use command applications, with a degree of protection IP 65.

Series 33

Range of six sizes of command boxes for multiple manual command applications requiring a high capacity enclosure.

Series 40

Box for multiple manual portable control applications or applied to a fixed support, such as machine commands and wall-mounted regulators activated by RF or cable.


Range of two models of control boxes for multiple command applications for manual or pocket use made of ABS, with walls up to 3 mm thick that give it great robustness.


Set of five models especially suitable for control and visualization applications, in the form of a desk with one panel or console with two panels for applications with a display.

The box

Set of four box models for command and control applications with front/rear display, designed to obtain maximum use of interior space.

Our types of boxes and enclosures for electronics