Cable outlet brush

Safe and practical way to enter the wiring through the ceiling or bottom cover of the rack, ideal for 19″ racks.

Dist. multifunction A800

Multifunction distributor that allows the vertical mounting of 19”, 1U elements (PDU's, patch panels, panels, brushes, etc.). Anchoring on the front and rear of cable guide stirrups (not included).

Dist. vert. A800 cap

Vertical destroyer with cover designed for optimal vertical distribution of wiring. Side entry for each U. Front cover with hinge and quick closure.

A800 vertical distributor

Vertical distributors ideal for front/vertical distribution of wiring in the rack. Includes stirrups and cable passages for high wiring density. Possibility of mounting footboards on the back.

Cable guide brackets

Cable guide stirrups made of steel with rounded edges. Includes mounting hardware.

19” cable guide

19″ cable guides that allow horizontal routing of the wiring of any 19” equipment. Does not occupy mounting height (U): zero U's.

Hanging guides

Hanging guides made of 2mm thick steel.

Gravity guides

Gravity guides made of 2mm thick steel.

Front guides

Front guides made of 2mm thick steel. They have two anchoring points using M6 screws.

Telescopic guides

Made of profiled steel. Anchoring to rack with M6 screws. Independent supports that allow adaptation to the 19” rack profiles when moved in depth.

Multi-function support

Its mounting on the side structure of the rack allows for cable routing as well as the possibility of extra anchoring points for the 19” profiles. Quick assembly with 1/4 turn screw in LOGIC².

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