You can choose between the following families of FLOOR Racks:

  • LOGIC-2: Cabinets made of aluminum, with maximum performance and supply in “flat-pack” and assembly in 5 minutes. Different measurements and adaptable configurations.
  • RETO: Rack made of steel with assembled and “flat-pack” supply option. Different measurements and adaptable configurations.
  • SR2: Assembled cabinets with external structure in steel and high-resistance aluminum profiles with standard configurations.
  • OPENRACK: Open rack for wiring installations.

Logic-2 Racks

The “flat-pack” system, the LOGIC system. Practical and logical, this is how Retex defined and created the new generation of racks that, in the year 2000, revolutionized the market and broke with the established classic schemes. Static load capacity of 1,800 Kg

Reto Racks

Unique “Flat-pack” solution in server racks with quick and safe final assembly in just 5 minutes, without tools. Static load capacity 1,600 Kg, making the 20% lighter than conventional server racks.

SR2 Racks

19” modular rack cabinets, width 600 mm. For wiring, telecommunications, IT and industrial electronics installations. Designed according to IEC60 297-1, DIN41944 parts 1 and 7, ANSI/EIA 310 DE and UNE 20 539-2 standards. Static load capacity of 1,200 Kg.

OpenRack for conditioned rooms

Ideal solution for the support and distribution of wiring in conditioned rooms. Designed according to IEC 60 297-2, DIN 41494 parts 1-7, ANSI / EIA-310-D and UNE 20 539-2 standards. The base allows the exit, entry, accommodation and distribution of wiring in a rational way. Static load capacity of 500 Kg.

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