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Plastic Box

Set of four box models for control and control applications with front/rear viewfinder.

  • Designed to get the most out of the interior space.
  • Turrets on the base for screws, to facilitate the assembly of cards. They even allow the fixing of cards according to IEC 60297 (Eurocard cards) in sizes 2 and 3.
  • The basic structure of the box is formed by two side metal joists to which the two panels are attached, and the whole assembly is protected by cover and base.
  • Rear panel and base with aeration to facilitate the evacuation of heat.
  • Includes four non-slip feet in the smallest size.
  • Front legs folding and rear legs fixed in the rest.
  • Resists temperatures up to 85 ºC ( plastic parts ).

Materials and finishing:

  • Cover and base made of high strength injected ABS.
  • Light grey similar to RAL 7032 or dark grey similar to RAL 7016.
  • Aluminium panels quality 1070, thickness 1.2 mm. Finished: matt silver anodized.

Each unit includes: cover, base, front and back panel, two metal joists, four non-slip feet (size 1) or set of 2 folding feet plus 2 fixed feet (sizes 2, 3, 4) and mounting screws.


  • Box without joists.
  • Special machinations.
  • Screen printing.
  • Internal paint for EMI / RFI radio frequency shielding, with graphite-based paint, copper or nickel depending on the level of protection required.
  • Self-extinguishing ABS, according to grade UL 94 V0.
  • Other colors.
Code Light grey / Gris claroCode Dark grey / Gris oscuroA / mmB / mmC / mm

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