The UTE L9 is a meeting of associated companies for the development and construction of Line 9 of the Barcelona metro. For each of the stations on the line, RETEX racks were used in both the LOGIC and LOGIC-2 ranges, in batteries of up to eight racks each dedicated to basic services for each station, such as communications, lighting, telephony, access control, public address system. and others, in platform areas (ANDANA model) and in the main control room of the station (SCP model). The wide range of accessories available and the basic orientation of our company to achieve the client's special objectives allowed full satisfaction of the needs raised in the project, in a result that combines high quality racks and ideal service within the established deadlines. .

In this application of RETEX products, the ease of transportation and installation of the FLAT-PACK system of the RETEX racks, both from LOGIC and LOGIC-2, played a definitive role, which allowed them to be easily transported through the premises already built or under construction. stations and their rapid assembly at the final site.