Evolving from an industrial assembly company with more than 30 years of experience, OnSite Telecom was born in 2005 to cover the technological areas that are increasingly strongly demanded by the electricity sector and by our company, and from 2013 it acquires a strong growth that leads it to collaborate with clients such as Indra, El Corte Inglés, RENFE or Ilunion.
With the mission of providing a global solution of installation, engineering and maintenance services in the areas of Electricity, Telecommunications and Informatics, and the desire to be the technological partner that customers need to achieve success in their projects, provides services of installation company Low Voltage (specialist category), installation company High Voltage (category 1), installation company-maintainer of power plants, substations and processing centres (category 1), fire protection system installer and telecommunications installer.

In this datacenter Onsite uses RETEX-CONTEG technology using RETO racks together with cold equipment inrow CoolTeg Plus and enclosure adapted to the measures and requirements of the cold corridor. RETEX collaborated at all times with Onsite offering its full range of DATALOGIC solutions such as cellular polycarbonate roof closures, sliding doors with security lock point and smooth corridor closure covers, all combined in the modular solution of easy assembly that RETEX offers as standard product. This allowed the fulfillment of the deadlines of work dictated by Onsite and the final requirements of cold power suitable for this corridor.