PDU RX Shucko CEE7/4 DIN49441 16A


The RX Basic is a reliable and safe solution (circuit protection) for electrical/energy distribution in telecommunications and CPD facilities.
Approvals: CE/VDE

RX Metered allows the supervision and measurement of the local current (A) of the PDU, through the LCD display (True RMS) integrated into the PDU.
As new equipment is installed, real-time information on the maximum load capacity per PDU and per circuit prevents overload risks.

RX standard options:

  • Current intensity from 16A to 63A. Single-phase and Three-phase.
  • Basic and Metered.
  • 19” or ZeroU (vertical mounting).
  • Complete range of connectors: IEC320 (C13 and C19), Schuko/ CEE7/4, UTE/CEE7/5, UK/ BS1363, K/HH (DK), IT(DK) AS/NZS3112 and NEMA.
  • IEC-LOCK IEC320 (C13 and C19) on request.
  • Other colors, upon request.

Rack mounting:

Options 19”/horizontal, vertical (“Toolless” option).

Circuit protection:

  • Through mechanical protectors (Overload) or hydraulic protectors (Circuit Breakers) that act when the current intensity per circuit exceeds 16A.
  • Other protection options such as individual fuses per socket are available upon request.
codeFormatVoltsAmpsBase • Socket • PrizemeteredIndicators & ProtectionWireConnector
2415530819” 1U/HE220V16A8 SchukosON/OFF light switch2 meters x 1.5Schuko
2415530919” 1U/HE220V16A9 Schukos2 meters x 1.5Schuko
2415531819” 1U/HE220V16A8 Schukosled2 meters x 1.5Schuko