RETO A800 • W800 • L800 Glass door

Assembled or "Flat-Pack"


  • Modular cabinets 19”, width 800mm. For wiring, telecommunications, IT and industrial electronics installations.
  • Designed according to IEC60 297-1, DIN41944 parts 1 and 7, ANSI/EIA 310 DE and UNE 20 539-2 standards.

Base unit includes:

  • Self-supporting interior steel structure.
  • Upper and lower lateral structure in aluminum profile.
  • 4 19” profiles that can be moved in depth. Made of steel, thickness 2 mm.
  • Safety glass front door and aluminum profile frame. Opening angle 190º
  • 2-point closure with rotating handle.
  • Springswivel hinge that allows assembly/disassembly of the door without tools.
  • Metal back panel with quick releases and key. Pre-machined cable entry.
  • Removable and sliding sides. They can be disassembled with the Retos on battery.
  • 2 side multifunction supports.
  • Ventilated roof with 1/4 turn quick releases. Integrated cable outlets.
  • Corner caps in injected ABS (8 green RAL6018 color. Black RAL9005 option).
  • 4 adjustable leveling feet.
  • Maximum distributed load capacity: 1,200 Kg (static).

Finishes: Black epoxy paint similar to RAL9005. In light gray RAL7035 option.
Delivery: Flat-Pack “All in one box”.

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