Refrigeration system


The CoolOut outdoor condensing unit is a product specially designed for heat extraction from data centers. This drive meets the highest requirements for accuracy, stability and lifespan, essential in data centers.


  • Advanced communication and cooling control via data center instructions
  • Very low consumption thanks to high-quality EC fans and active condensing pressure control
  • Inverter Driven BLDC Compressor
  • Wide range of cooling power from 11 %
  • Available in versions for extreme ambient temperatures
  • With robust frame and coating made of high quality anticorrosive materials
  • Possibility of communication with the monitoring system (SNMP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RS485)
  • Possibility of control and monitoring of operating parameters from the indoor unit
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Remote service option with PGDx service display connection
  • Specially designed for precision cooling
  • Electronic Linear Expansion Valve


  • Wide variety of environmental conditions
  • Assemblies where economical and safe operation matters
  • Compatible with CONTEG CoolSeven, CoolTeg DX and CoolTop units

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