Cooling System


The CoolSeven unit with direct evaporative cooling represents a group of precision cooling units inside the rack. The CoolSeven is a 7U height indoor unit placed directly inside the 19″ rack on the rails and works with a split cooling system composed of two parts: the indoor unit and the outdoor unit.


  • Precision cooling power control based on air temperatures
  • Compatible with all 19″ racks
  • Individual rack-level cooling control
  • Very low energy consumption thanks to EC fans
  • Heat extraction from the rack directly to the outdoor environment
  • Available outdoor unit version for very low outdoor temperatures
  • Operation without filters
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Possibility of communication with the monitoring system (e.g., CONTEG Pro Server)
  • Emergency door opening function when the fault temperature is exceeded
  • Compatible with CONTEG EOS emergency opening system


  • Office environments
  • Racks or rooms with closed architecture principles
  • Racks without cooling or with insufficient cooling
  • Dusty environments

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