Cooling System


CoolTeg Plus DX inter-rack mounting refrigeration units are based on the principle of direct evaporation with the refrigerant running between an indoor and outdoor unit (equipped with a compressor).


  • No water in the data center
  • Independent systems of indoor and outdoor units ensure 100% redundancy
  • Easy assembly and capacity expansion
  • Refrigerant R410A
  • Gradual regulation of cooling power from 30 to 100 %
  • Low floor area occupation
  • Cooling air supply directly to the rack
  • No double floor
  • is required for air distribution

  • Very low power consumption thanks to EC fans and control software
  • Modern and easy to use control system
  • Flexible spatial distribution
  • Perfectly compatible with CONTEG racks
  • Wide range of accessories


  • Open corridors
  • Cold closed corridors
  • Hot closed corridors
  • Closed modular system – high capacity cooling system where the air circulates inside the rack and the heat is not released outwards

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