The CPD TITAN data center is designed in accordance with the TIER III standard of the Uptime Institute, which makes it a concurrently maintainable Data Center, offering an availability of 99.98%.

The Data Center can house up to 120 cabinets, with a total capacity of more than 2,000 servers. Each floor has 3 independent cubes; 2 of them with capacity for 18 cabinets each and a third with capacity for 4 cabinets, offering our clients the possibility of having a private cube just for them. These cubes have separation and insulation of the cold aisle and hot aisle, obtaining more efficient cooling.

Each cube is equipped with 42U 600×1200 mm racks with micro-perforated doors model LOGIC-2, with special customer features such as custom machined ceilings. In each cube there are LOGIC-2 racks for placement of 2 compartments according to customer specifications. The enclosures of the DATALOGIC model cubes include motorized doors controlled by the client's biometric ACS, the standard magnetic operator being also completely configurable and expandable with presence radars, security sensors, opening by specific mobile application, physical key control or remote control . Each rack is equipped with two intelligent PDUs (monitorable remotely and by socket), and the cube has the RAMOS ULTRA monitoring systems – which allows the connection of sensors for temperature, humidity, water filtration, air flow, control of access, control relays, detect AC voltage, measure DC voltage among others. The cooling systems are CoolTeg Plus DX (direct expansion) and CoolOut outdoor units, providing high cooling capacities with the greatest energy efficiency.

At the corporate identity level, all the elements of this project have been customized for the client with vinyls of the TITAN logo on the doors, backlit TITAN logos on each entrance porch, rack pieces according to corporate color, specific colors on the PDUs delimiting uses and areas. During the presentation of the project, renders and videos have been provided to promote TITAN.