DATALOGIC hallway enclosure


  • The DATALOGIC solution is a high added value concept developed by RETEX that improves the effectiveness and performance of cooling systems, greater energy efficiency and a significant reduction in operating costs.
  • The DATALOGIC concept is 100% modular, easily installed and can be mounted in racks and installations that are already operational.


  • Estimated energy savings of around 30%.
  • The enclosure increases the cooling of the hallway by approximately 25%.
  • Increased reliability of servers.
  • Prevents recirculation of hot air.
  • Minimum temperature difference between the bottom and top in the racks.
  • The reduction in operating costs allows the investment to be recovered in a very short period of 6 to 18 months depending on the installation.


cHow to improve system effectiveness
Technical floors and ventilation systems:

  • The air flow comes from the raised floor through the grilles placed on the front of the cabinets.
  • The shape and size of the ventilation ducts, as well as the direction and flow rate of the cooling outlets of the raised floor, directly influence the actual amount of cold air that is delivered to the most critical areas of each rack.
  • It is necessary to carefully determine the placement, direction and flow of air in relation to the higher power cabinets.

Open spaces in the facility

  • In general, the wiring enters the cabinets through the cable exits/entries mechanized in the raised floor.
  • This open space causes a loss of efficiency in the cooling system and lowers the static pressure of the cold air towards the floor, reducing the air flow of the grilles placed in front of the cabinets.
  • Each raised floor module open for wiring must be protected with brushed cable entries. They allow the passage of cables, preventing the circulation of air flows.


  • Closed wiring channeling in the upper part of the racks.
  • Raceway made of aluminum (top and base). Cable entry to the rack through panels with brushes.
  • Width of the gutters 400 mm and lengths of 600 and 800 mm.
  • Easy assembly/disassembly gutter cover.


Adaptable to different heights and brands of racks.

  • A quick solution to update and optimize installations that are already in operation regardless of the uniformity of heights, models or brands of racks.
  • Its modular and external design allows it to be mounted without having to interrupt the operation of the DATA CENTER.
  • It allows you to obtain the same advantages as DATALOGIC.
codeDescription • DescriptionU/HEAisle Width • Width Aisle
32317261Sliding Glass Doors Kit • Sliding Glass Doors Kit42U800 to 1,200 mm
32317264Sliding Glass Doors Kit • Sliding Glass Doors Kit47U800 to 1,200 mm
32317252Modular Metal Panel Kit • Modular Panel Kit42U800 to 1,200 mm
32317255Modular Metal Panel Kit • Modular Panel Kit47U800 to 1,200 mm
32317256Roof Kit A600 • Roof Kit W600800 to 1,200 mm
32317258Roof Kit A800 • Roof Kit W800800 to 1,200 mm

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